Camera phone nude shots

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This will make you look at the objects from a new perspective. Print your pictures, send them as postcards, give them to your friends, hang them on your walls. I see a lot of people nowadays trying to shoot in one and the same style, or even the same exact colors! Remember that versatility is great and shows your creativity. Fortunately, there are also some great apps available for the i Phone too if you wanted to do everything on the one device. Also, try not to keep your phone in your pocket or bag with things that might scratch the lens like coins, keys and the like. Learn to read light Lighting is what makes a great image, whether you take it with a Nikon D4 or a mobile phone.Also learn to use the grid, and then, just as importantly, learn to do without it. Holding your pictures in your hands is such a lovely feeling, and it can’t be compared with looking at your pictures on a smartphone screen. Who said that you can only be interested in landscape photography? I use the free app from Google called Snapseed, although the latest version of i OS has much better built-in options than previous versions. Never Ever Use the Digital Zoom If you want the best possible image from your phone, forget about using Digital Zoom. The knock on effect of doing this is that it really improves your compositional skills. Not only does he take some beautiful smartphone photos, many of the assets in his composite images are shot with an i Phone, too. If you know what makes great light you are half way to making great photographs. Forget about flash If you are out in a bar with friends, by all means flash away; but as with point-and-shoot cameras, the light is going to be flat and prone to red eye.

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I wanted to get a camera for the times when I was out with my family or just out and about without my pro gear.

The analysis and storage of your photos occur locally on the phone itself and doesn’t rely on any cloud services.

This means that everything stays private and in your control.

I know that my i Phone isn’t good at night photography. We may be self-confident and think that we know-it-all, but sometimes little tips in the manual can help us to improve our photos in a big way. I think this is the first step towards taking a bad smartphone picture. Try to choose only the best pictures and then edit those. She believes that a good photographer should be able to take good pictures of everything — no matter if it’s a landscape, portrait or just some family album pictures — regardless of what equipment one possesses.

Learn how you can control the exposure, or focus on the objects better. If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move! There are many apps that will help you to do this, and while we can’t understate their help in creating beautiful images, but don’t try too hard. – Love what you do and don’t let the critics get you down too much. The things that she looks for are atmosphere and mood. How to Get More Stable Shots Although the i Phone 6 Plus has optical image stabilization built in, I find I get a better, sharper image by holding the phone with both hands, much like I would hold a traditional camera. When the sun is shining, shadows help create lots of interesting scenes for you to capture.

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