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A Dynamic profile can still push update another Dynamic edition profile, and a Setup edition profile can still push update a Dynamic edition profile.However, a Setup edition profile can no longer update another Setup edition profile, nor can a Dynamic edition profile push update a Setup edition profile.

I have a Galaxy S8 from AT&T running Android 7.0 and Samsung Experience 8.1.

Though Samsung seems to be taking action with the update, the company isn't ready to blame the S8 devices for the issue yet — which makes perfect sense, right?

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For example, I will pick up my phone from the desk and when I press the power button it shows the accurate time.

When I unlock the device, the sense flip clock I use on the main home screen shows an earlier time (could be 30 minutes... I don't believe it's just the Sense app because I noticed this issue where I checked a facebook messenger app that came and and when I closed the app, it still showed I had 1 notification.

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