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It’s meant for congee, obviously, simmered with a handful or two of cooked rice the next morning until it coalesces into porridge. Well-made bone broth tends to be milky instead of pale, thick instead of limpid, and slightly touched with the sharp, calciferous reek of the abattoir.

Bone broths of different sorts are at the base of When “bone broth” became insanely popular a few years ago at the New York restaurant Hearth, the gatekeepers of the food world rolled their eyes.

The flakes are delightfully moist and any attempt to dry them would be immoral.

Put down whatever you're doing instead, and just smoke. And you'll savor the creamy richness that is the hallmark of a moist tobacco such as this.

At Bone Kettle, Tjahyadi is following a different groove, influenced but not limited by the Indonesian flavors he grew up with, more restaurant than street food, with an emphasis on communal dining and shared dishes that feels surprisingly natural.

So his , the long-braised beef dish that is an Indonesian standard, is dense, salty and umami-rich instead of spoonably soft and smelling of sweet spice, and his citrus-brined chicken wings are heartier, stickier than the traditional double-cooked Indonesian bird.

In May 1607, the London-based Virginia Company's three ships landed in Virginia and founded the first permanent British settlement in North America. They hoped to find a route to the Far East (the infamous Northwest Passage) in order to further advance trade with China and/or to discover gold.

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Bone Kettle is a long, narrow restaurant on Raymond Avenue’s restaurant row, paneled in blond wood, decorated by a dark Cleon Peterson mural of bulky, blade-swinging warriors done in the style of an old tapa painting.Bone broth, they sighed, is just another word for stock.Intuitively, we knew this was so, but it didn’t stop us from gulping mugs of the stuff at Belcampo, Honey Hi and Electric City Butcher.Easier said than done perhaps, but we are closing in.Smells too sweet in the tin, but doesn't smoke that way.

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