Rails production log not updating

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Finally, Continuous Deployment is a process that automatically deploys the results of Continuous Delivery into the final production environment, usually every time a developer changes code (assuming all automated tests pass).Companies using Continuous Deployment can push hundreds or even thousands of releases into production every day.

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As noted above, large companies developing internal apps would focus on the Continuous Deployment so they can get user feedback from the actual users faster, plan the next iterations, and get it out faster to the end user.

@Rod Cope Rod Cope, CTO at Rogue Wave Software, has spoken on various technical and business topics at Strata/Big Data, OSCON, Embedded World, Embedded Systems Conference, Apache Con, and Linux Con, was a Zend Con keynote speaker, and received the Java One Rockstar Award three years in a row.“Continuous Integration is…”About automating build and test processes to make sure the resulting software is in a good state, ideally every time a developer changes code.

CI helps development teams avoid “integration hell” where the software works on individual developers’ machines, but it fails when all developers combine (or “integrate”) their code.

Of course, this practice requires excellent automated testing coverage and benefits from the ability to roll out changes slowly (e.g., starting with a small subset of servers or customers and expanding to more over time if no issues occur) and to roll back changes quickly if something goes wrong.

Development teams can take advantage of Continuous Integration by deploying a solution such as Jenkins, the most popular open source tool in the space, and configuring it to build and test their code.

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