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Gwen, you're in the main building tonight, showing Jess some of what goes on there. " "Yeah, sounds good." I answer, walking over to my locker and putting my stuff in it. Amy motions for me to go into a changing room, as Mom heads into another.

As I pass her, she gives me a playful, light spank. This isn't some minimum wage job where you have to hate it." Mom walks past the bar, where the same naked redhead woman smiles at me. We will be your hostesses tonight." The woman nods and in a pleasant voice asks, "Can we have a booth please? She nods, trying to figure out where to put a pair of very pretty blondes. However, I say, "Just tell me and we'll see." The woman nods, "I love being a little more... "I don't see why not." The woman smiles at me and motions for me to follow her.

Suddenly a notification appears on the screen, appearing to come from Veronica's table. I reach the table and Veronica smiles up at me, "Want to sit down Jess? Veronica notices my leg shaking and asks, "Need to cum again? getting close." Veronica nods, "Well maybe we should go somewhere private to... I begin to moan softly, completely forgetting Veronica is there.

A second later, I moan loudly and cum a second time.

They’re so much busy doing their job that don’t notice some severe guys who’re approaching to them.

Sudden shot from sniper rifle shocks them all and one of guys falls down.

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