Fit muscle women dating

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May 08: Here's a clip of Wendy Mc Cready in contest shape at the Tampa Pro a few years back.May 04: Today's PHOTO update features Lindsay, Ashley, and Sara.Aug 26: Today we've got another terrific Laura Boisacq clip, calves and back featured.Aug 19: We're back with a fun new Muscle Comparison clip starring Ace and her almost 18" calves which send the boys home in tears.Oct 21: A quick classic clip featuring the biceps of the lovely Mary Ann Graves.

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This long clip was filmed by Simon for us a few years back.*wink* Jun 19: Today, we've a short clip of Heather Grace featuring her ripped abs.Jun 12: Today, we've got a hot clip from the Darkside & Scar video.May 28: So hard, so hard Jackie Horan is featured in today's long clip.May 21: Today, we've got 3 newly-located ab control mini-clips of Danny J from several summers ago. May 19: Welcome to new model Tye Pierpont, a lovely figure pro who comes to us from Texas.

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