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I can't see where the term "men in power" comes into play. I would think it to be more of a liking for younger women.And then I would question their mentality level for dating someone that young and immature.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...people with low level desk jobs are still blue collar.

these people will all be significantly older than you and will probably have accomplished far more than you, to succeed in their rigorous professions. He would also be all the usual things - bright, funny, ambitious, has his life on the right track, yada, yada. And older quality guys don't date teenagers - that whole "equal partner" thing.It sounds like you may be thinking of someone who has staff who work for them, again it isn't exclusively professionals.Not to worry, you'll most likely figure it out with some more life experience. I hope you're getting an education and socking money away in a secret account because I've seen the fallout over the years (community I grew up and my hometown in general) of "men in general who are in power" and date and marry young women and trophy wives.Since you're only 19, quite honestly you don't need to worry about committed relationships until you're at least 24 or 25. But don't expect males your age to stay around very long, even though they will throw a line BS at you about wanting you forever. So you should begin now, looking for males 5 to 10 years older. While it is true that the older man and younger woman with 10 or more years difference in age, is just mostly about the sex, so are any dating interactions with the male predicated on sexual attraction. And the attraction to you, is never about love, its always going to be about infatuation, to begin with. Once upon a time this was known best as the desire to mate with you. Over time, you may bond closer to each other, although, overtime you may pull apart. despite the preachings of jealous, overweight, older, and unattractive women, the most important thing men are attracted to is of course beauty."Attraction" and how far you follow it, is a 100% risk. dominant, wealthy men are the equivalent of beautiful women in terms of the dating food chain, so you have to be pretty good looking to catch one.

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