Today show speed dating dogs

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Orlando Bloom has been the victim of a lot of fictitious articles (at least according to his mom, who has been sending out his résumé to every national newsroom in Britain) but, IMO, the most egregious mistake has to do with his little dog, Mighty.

You see, little Mighty is quite the accomplished red poodle, having even been inducted into Leonardo Di Caprio's bro squad.

So what if you only foster one dog in your entire lifetime? Contact a local rescue group or animal shelter and offer to open your home to an abandoned pooch.

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(Not to be outdone, Nugget is actually a professional model, who starred in Perry's Citibank commercial this year.) The mix-up is understandable; afterall, the parents were dating until earlier this year and Bloom has spent time with Perry’s pup.

You might even get to hang with Mighty 🐶 All for a good cause. Go to the link in my bio or head to to enter.

A post shared by Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom) on P. If Nugget looks familiar to you, it's probably because Perry is a self-described “collector of miniatures”—back in 2014, she welcomed a different red pup named Butters into her family.

Many rescue groups have no brick-and-mortar shelters. Even a one-room efficiency is better than a noisy cage surrounded by frightened animals and scary smells.

They depend on foster families to care for their little charges. Your canine halfway house helps wonderful, adoptable pooches who don’t do well in a shelter setting.

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