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Maher, the daughter of retired NYPD Officer Susan Barry, is assigned to the Yonkers Police Department's 3rd Precinct.

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(More on this one true allegation that is being used to excoriate Moore in a moment.)That this witless whack-job passed muster as a serious Op-Ed in a major newspaper illustrates just how low Moore’s opposition will stoop.The New York Post quoted the DA's spokeswoman Patrice O'Shaughnessy as saying: 'We objected to the plea being offered, because we would never have offered a non-jail deal in this case.' It comes as a dramatic new surveillance video shows the female cop being rescued by a fellow officer after she was shot ion the face.The officers returned fire and shot one of the suspects but during the gunfight, Maher was shot in the chin - with the bullet entering one side and passing clear out through the other.'One of the (responding) officers was able to pull the wounded officer (Maher) from the immediate area of the suspects,' Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner told New York Daily News, adding that the officer was a hero.By all accounts he was a highly focused, disciplined and committed soldier, with little or no time for women.In July 1971, Captain Moore shipped off to Vietnam to take command of the 188 Battalion.

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