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I have had the same experience in the past and you do wonder about a fish which allows itself to be deceived twice on the same day - the "Tim Nice But Dim" of the grayling world, I suppose.

On the 13th, CT from Cardiff and TH of Brecon, fishing with a magazine article in mind, had 23 grayling to 16 inches at Cefnllysgwynne.

And KJ from Abercynon with a friend got 45 between them at Cefnllysgwynne, also using nymphs.

(KJ, if I am not mistaken, is a very well-known competition angler.

Poaching seems to be the curse of the Irfon once late salmon get into it.

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The following day PB of Cheltenham was fishing in the next valley, the Lugg at Lyepole, and had 17 on nymphs.DW from Cheltenham also took 9 on the Lugg at Dayhouse.On the following day RW from Portishead, one of our regular anglers, had a catch of 6 grayling from the Llynfi at Pontithiel, including a very fine fish of 18 inches taken from a deep hole.JL from Hereford was fishing the Lugg at Eyton and had 7 grayling to pounds.I was interested to read that they were taking a Killer Bug nymph well.

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