Dating culture in copenhagen

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The reports’ conclusions are based on extensive megatrend analysis and interviews with leading experts from a number of global companies that have product design as a central part of their business.

When they succeed, they make you suspend your disbelief and make your emotions stronger than your rationality.Other themes and articles in this issue: In the Church of the Transhumanists / Prophets of Progress / Is e Sports About to Take Over the World?/ Space Belongs to the Robots / Wildcard: The Decline of Al Saud / The World is Heading for a Meltdown / Photo Series: The Buffalo That Could Not Dream / Rule 34 / Futures Past: The Asbestos Cigarette / News About Science & Technology / Trends / Ideas, Visions and Possible Futures CIFS is organising a conference on leadership, technology, and innovation on December 18 2017, titled "Provide & Pray is Not Enough – How to Lead, Organise & Innovate in the Digital 21st Century".The conference is aimed at leaders and experts in digital transformation, HR, organisational strategy, innovation, R&D, and foresight.The day offers best-practice insights supported by industry case studies and talks by notable experts in innovation and leadership.

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