Sedating cat on plane

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My friend told me that I would stare at the venetian blinds and say, “I am watching a very good movie”.When a doctor or nurse would come into the room and ask where that I thought that I was, I would read off the white board which included the date, day of the week, location, and nurse’s name.I couldn't organize my work; committed many errors in documentation; frequently lost things; forgot meetings, and did not manage my time well. After I lost my job I called the psychologist who stated it was "semantics".I appealed to my insurance for a second NP evaluation by the psychologist at the hospital.After I went home, someone slept with me for the first two weeks.I also wrote a check for but documented in my checkbook that I had written a check for .87. Then after five years of this hell, Oct 2 2013 CBS News ran a report about people just like me. I cried for a long time when I read it, finally someone who knows what my past five years has been like. I sent your website to my family and it has changed my wife’s opinion about me.I saw outlines of skeletons on the wall, heard strange sounds, etc.I believed I had been moved into various parts of the hospital, including the basement.

I tried to get up and call 911, but my daughter stopped me.

I drove my car at night and had trouble finding my way home. I still think about it several times a week and continue to ask questions of my family.

I have a compelling need to know what happened to me.

They say I am depressed and put me on meds, menopause (which I already went through) and even chronic fatigue. I am that nurse you gave your hard patients to, the difficult families, complicated patients, hard traumas. In the ER and ICU, I could not remember 8 family members that were there.

However, one of my patients is being worked up in immunology and has a story very similar to mine, she can't get back to where she was before she had sepsis which is what started my research. I also told the medical staff to call “Rick” (my husband who passed away 11 years ago).

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