Bay area dating scene

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Two people sit in the middle of a bustling San Francisco coffee shop.They don’t know each other, though they’re seated at the same table.Each is glued to a smartphone, scrolling through selfies and groupies and all the other photos you usually come across in online dating profiles. “It’s amazing how people in San Francisco do not approach each other or look at each other, and they just hide behind what’s comfortable,” said Merrill, picking up her phone for emphasis.Megan Merrill has come across this scene countless times. Merrill, 30, is a dating coach who specializes in helping Bay Area professionals look beyond their smartphones and computer screens to make meaningful connections with other human beings.(We selfishly didn’t want to “experiment” with our own members so signed up for another site which shall remain anonymous). They weren’t looking to make a small talk with me through online chat – they wanted to meet me and see for themselves what kind of person I am.Very reflective of the NYC culture: fast-paced, direct, and upfront. From the 16 messages I received, what I experienced was long chats on Saturday and Sunday nights about topics ranging from school to work to music. Surprisingly enough, I found myself preferring NYC’s style.NY, as some of us are native Californians and some relocated from NY.

Merrill’s company, Meet Foxie, counsels clients in small groups and guides them through meeting people in real-world settings.But Zoosk has been struggling to compete with Tinder and earlier this year laid off one-third of its staff, Tech Crunch reported.The newly minted Lively could be Zoosk’s attempt to get a leg up in the mobile dating world.To bridge the awkwardness of asking for dating advice, Merrill often markets her seminars as social workshops that will help build professional relationships as well as personal ones.Chuck Wagner, 42, took classes from Merrill about six years ago. He was a salesman, and his success hinged on persuading others to do business with him.

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