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Nearly one million images of child porn and 1,800 video clips were seized, and earlier this year seven British men were jailed for their participation.Home Office plan on IMPROVING CHILD PROTECTION ON THE INTERNET: A PARTNERSHIP FOR ACTION."This type of crime involves one of the most vulnerable groups in society and we will take every step we can to protect them," said Chief Inspector Chris Bradford of the Clubs and Vice unit."I want to make it very clear that offenders can no longer hide behind the anonymity of the Internet technology. Today's action follows a similar operation in March this year, when police simultaneously raided 45 suspected Net paedophiles.DCI Bob Mc Lachlan, head of the Met's Paedophile Unit, said: "Today's operation is the result of an intelligence led operation targeted at stemming the distribution of child pornography via the internet."Images like these are evidence of the sexual assault and rape of children - and anyone who buys or downloads them perpetuates the cycle of abuse." "We know that the internet is increasingly used as a conduit for the exchange of pornographic pictures of children.

Intelligence gathered showed that there were dozens of newsgroups carrying illegal paedophilic images.

Those responsible believe that the internet affords anonymity, but police technology in this area is increasingly sophisticated." See this story on the Web at see further the BBC coverage.

ZDNet UK News, Seven Britons guilty over child porn ring, Wed, .

Fifteen search warrants were executed in the action, which involved 11 different police forces.

The arrests were made under the Protection of Children Act 1978.

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