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A new Council of Forty is added at some time before 1223, followed by another body of 60 members with special responsibility for financial affairs; this is the Consiglio dei Rogati, known also as the Senate.

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A great increase in trade, travel and pilgrimage to the eastern Mediterranean is the inevitable result.

The entire west wall of the cathedral is occupied by a vast mosaic of the same period depicting the Last Judgement.

The subject is more characteristic of the western church than of Byzantium, as is the somewhat radical manner in which figures of authority are prominently displayed among the damned - including the Byzantine emperor, the Venetian doge and the German emperor.

When the Torcello mosaics are being installed, this cathedral is no longer the most important one in the Venetian lagoon.

That honour has passed to St Mark's, where craftsmen in mosaic are busy at the same period.

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