Druze dating

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Almost half of the total population of Druze live on Mount Hauran, alternatively known as Jabal al-Durūz, or the Mountain of the Druze, south of Damascus.The remainder live in the Lebanese Mounts Lebanon and Shuf and the Israeli Mount Carmel, Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee region.

GPS then converts the genetic distances to geographic distances.Although very little is known of the religion itself, since the actual practices and the scriptures, tenets and beliefs are zealously guarded, its conceptual montage is highly suggestive of a diverse origin.Druzism was first reported in Cairo under the sixth caliph of the Fatimid Dynasty, Al-Hakim (996–1021 A.A population movement followed by gene exchanges with other populations modifies the admixture signature, while isolation and segregation preserve the original admixture signature of the migratory population.Therefore, GPS predictions correspond to the last place in which significant admixture has occurred in relation to the reference populations, termed here biogeographical affinity.

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